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Yankees Late Morning News

The newest Yankee.
The newest Yankee.

Good morning, Yankees fans! Before I start the news section of this post, I would like to give a quick opinion on the playoff starter debate.

I don't think this is something we should be talking about right now, as there is no way of knowing what each starter will do, or even if each starter is healthy, until October rolls around.

So for now, I will remain silent on who my top four are. Whoops.

It's fun to talk about, and I have no problem talking hypothetically about what it would be right now, but talking about what it will be once the playoffs actually start is silly.

Here are the links:

Chad Jennings writes about Russell Martin feeling as healthy as ever, and Andruw Jones taking hitting advice from his mother.

Alex Rodriguez not only took care of the spread twice, he also gave a hitting lesson to Yankees minor leaguer DeAngelo Mack, and quickly mentored top prospect Jesus Montero.

The Batting Stance Guy acts as different baseball reporters and announcers. If you haven't seen his previous stuff, I demand you check it out.

The Yankees plan on promoting recent lefty acquisition Raul Valdes as a September call up, reports Jack Curry. The Yankees will then figure out who matches up best with who, and use one or two of the three (Boone Logan, Aaron Laffey, Valdes) in the playoffs.

This worries me because the Yankees could end up wasting a roster spot on a pitcher that could only be used for one or two batters in the whole playoffs. Also, for those of you that want Manny Banuelos to be a September call up, this very likely means he will not be promoted this season.

The Yankees' Triple-A affiliate will have to play at a different stadium next year, as their stadium is going to be renovated. This could have an affect on the amount of home runs hit and allowed by the team.

Derek Jeter is seven games away from passing Mickey Mantle for the most games played in Yankees history. Wow.

Questions of the Week: Which Jeter is the real Jeter? First half or second half? Do you want the Yankees to promote either Killer B this September? Who would be your September call ups?