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New York Yankees Almost Traded Francisco Cervelli at the Deadline

George A. King's latest article breaks tons of news regarding the Yankees current and future roster plans.

First, let me remind you that the Yankees neared a deal in the off-season that would have sent Francisco Cervelli to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Russell Martin, but instead didn't make the trade and later signed Martin.

Now, the quotes:

Asked if [Montero] who Cashman refused to part with for Ubaldo Jimenez at the trade deadline, could be in The Bronx this month, the GM said it was "possible.’’

Nothing new, but nice to hear confirmation from Cashman.

Of course, he also said it’s "possible’’ pitchers Adam Warren and George Kontos could be elevated from SWB (Triple-A).

Fantastic as well!

According to two Pirates sources, the Yankees came close to dealing Francisco Cervelli to the Pirates for pitcher Brad Lincoln. That would have cleared a spot for Montero.

"It was very close but couldn’t agree on the value of the players,’’ a source said.

This is the big scoop. Brad Lincoln would have become Pinstripe Alley's new hero, but the deal was not made. What this means is that the Yankees came very close to promoting Montero earlier, and plan to promote Montero very soon.

This also indicates that Francisco Cervelli will likely be demoted when Montero is promoted, and that Cervelli might not have a future with the Yankees. The Yankees have almost traded Cervelli twice, and I would not be surprised to see him get traded in an August waiver deal, or in the offseason.

The Rockies were interested in Montero’s bat but viewed him as a first baseman instead of a catcher.

Again, this goes along with the general view of non-Yankees scouts and management that Jesus Montero can not last as a catcher in the MLB. Interesting.

Brad Lincoln is the 2006 first round fourth overall selection by the Pirates, and has only appeared in one game this season in the MLB. Last season Lincoln, a righty, was 1-4 with a 6.66 ERA and a 1.54 WHIP. Opponents hit .310 off of Lincoln.


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