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Can the Yankees Develop Young Pitchers?

The Yankees haven't developed a successful starter of their own since Andy Pettitte 15 years ago. Some of their prospects have had success with other clubs, but none have sustained it in pinstripes. Why is that? Is Phil Hughes going to change that? Does it concern you in regards to Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances?

Ed Valentine wonders aloud at SBN NY -

There are plenty of other examples of the Yankees' follies with young arms around the big leagues. The Yankees portrayed Mark Melancon as a future closer, then shipped him to Houston when he wasn't the second coming of Mariano Rivera right away. This season Melancon leads the woeful Astros with 11 saves and has a 3.31 ERA in 53 games.

Tyler Clippard made the All-Star team for Washington as a reliever, a place in which the Yankees admittedly never even though to try him. Pretty amazing since it seems they try everyone else in the bullpen. Jeff Karstens and Daniel McCutcheon are pitching well for Pittsburgh, Karstens having racked up nine wins.

Since we now have an off-day, discuss.