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New York Yankees 9 - Tampa Bay Rays 2

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In a day that Derek Jeter was honored before the game, Core Four compatriot Jorge Posada stole the show in his return to the lineup with a two run single and a grand slam. With the low strike not being called, Rays starter Jeremy Hellickson had a tough time being economical, and the Yankees were able to knock him out of the game in the fifth inning, preceding the Posada slam.

Phil Hughes pitched like it was 2010: He got good defense, tons of run support, gave up a home run at Yankee Stadium, and threw six strong innings. He's probably destined for the pen nonetheless, but he was more Philthy than Master Chef tonight.

While in some of his other recent starts, Hughes would come out with a big fastball (touching 95 MPH) and then taper off as the game went along, Hughes was able to maintain his fastball today, sitting 91-92. Graph post-jump:

Curtis Granderson hit home run number 33, the Yankees put 21 men on base, and Cory Wade and Hector Noesi mopped up the last three innings once the Yankees had blown the game open.

Play of the Game: Posada's two run single

Comment of the Game: Jscape. Rules are for tools.