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Thoughts on the CC Sabathia Interview

Just a reminder, the interview can be read below this story.

When I signed up to be a part of this awesome group of writers for Pinstripe Alley, I never thought I'd have an opportunity like this. Being able to meet CC Sabathia and interview him with a friend of mine was an awesome experience, and one that I will never forget.

As we greeted him, CC shook our hands and made some small talk. He asked if we were at the previous night's game, how often we're able to get to the stadium, and seemed interested in getting to know us a bit. 

CC was fantastic, a genuinely nice guy that seemed more than happy to answer any question we threw at him. After the short interview, CC took a picture with us and signed a few autographs for us. 

As a fan, I like players for the way they play the game on the field, but guys become my favorites for the way they act and represent their franchise off the field. On Wednesday morning, CC showed that he was a great guy off the field, and became one of my favorite Yankees.

Follow the jump for Chris' thoughts.

First off, thankfully I called up the Pepsi Max representative on Tuesday to ask a few questions about the shindig with CC Sabathia because the location had changed from Fort Lee, New Jersey to the MLB Fan Cave in Manhattan, New York. I would have been devastated upon adventuring over the George Washington Bridge for nothing. 

Anyway, I showed up to the MLB Fan Cave around noon on Wednesday afternoon. Frank and I were waiting inside the for 10-15 minutes for CC to show up. I'll tell you what, I knew he was a big dude (6'7", 290 lbs.), but when he walked past me to do his mandatory photo shoot, that's when I truly understood just how large this man really is.

The MLB Fan Cave was very cool. There's a couch and chair set up in front of about 20-30 TVs that broadcast all different games for Ryan Wagner and Mike O'Hara to watch every single baseball game of the 2011 season. Those guys are definitely having a fantastic experience meeting dozens of baseball players. There are jerseys of every team behind the wall in back of the TV, two computers for the two gentlemen to peruse on at their leisure, and obviously the wall of home plates that all the players that come through autograph. There's even a huge painting of Brian Wilson and his ridiculous beard. All in all, I'm very happy I got to see the place. 

When Christine, the Pepsi Max representative, let us finally sit down at a counter across from CC Sabathia, the remarkable experience finally hit home. I was extremely nervous, yet very excited and comfortable in his presence. CC was a really nice, down-to-earth man. I could tell from his facial expressions and laughter that he really loves New York and genuinely wants to spend the rest of his career here (despite the opt-out clause). After all, when I asked if he envisioned spending the rest of his career in New York, a big grin lit up his face when he talked about playing in the pinstripes. Our conversation was a little less than five minutes, but definitely felt longer. It was also very natural flowing between CC, Frank and myself. 

My favorite players of all-time will always be Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera because I happened to grow up watching them. But CC Sabathia made a case to be up there on Wednesday. 

Like Frank said, I never imagined I would be offered an opportunity to actually meet a Yankee player and conduct a short interview for Pinstripe Alley. I truly love writing about the Yankees and interacting with the rest of the community members here on everything Yankee or baseball related. Hopefully there are more of these opportunities in the future for other front page writers to capitalize on. Otherwise, I'll gladly bite the bullet again.