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Yankees Late Night Links

How concerned are you in regards to Mo Rivera? He's still one of the best relievers in the game, but he does appear to be slipping - not a lot, but a little - and it appeared so long before this current stretch. This shouldn't be a shock though. Every player in history declines at some point. We just have to hope Mo stays strong through next season. Question 2: Will he retire after 2012 when his contract runs out?

- A-Rod is expected to return to the club in a week's time, for the start of a four-game set in Minnesota. Question 3: Whose place will he take on the active roster?

Curtis Granderson leads MLB not only in runs but also in RBI (105 and 93, respectively). Despite the fact that those stats are very dependent on the hitters around him, it's still a very impressive feat. The last Yankee to do it was A-Rod in 2007 (143 runs, 156 RBI!).

This guy really wanted a foul ball. Question 4: Have you ever caught one? (I came close a few times until one finally rolled my way at a minor league game. No matter that it wasn't the big leagues, I'll take it!)