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Minor League Mondays - Quick Hits

Mood Music - Into the Fog

Dante Bichette Jr. - In his first 31 games in the Yankees organization, Bichette has hit .350/.473/.564, good for a 188 wRC+. He's off to a blazing start, showing both the ability to hit for power and boasting an elite walk rate (16.0 BB%).

Cito Culver - After something of a tepid 2010 led to an increase in the volume of the criticism over selecting Culver in the first round, he has made improvements this year in Low-A, with his batting line currently at .288/.366/.394, 120 wRC+.

Angelo Gumbs - After only appearing in 7 games last season, last year's second round pick, and Culver's double play partner in Staten Island, has also enjoyed a solid season. A common thread between Bichette, Culver, and Gumbs: they all walk. And I love seeing that in young players.

Brandon Laird - After getting sent back to AAA, Laird has picked up right where he left off, going 7 for 16 with three doubles. After a truly lackluster start to the season, Laird has been one of the best and most exciting prospects to follow this year.

Pat Venditte - The switch-pitcher, who the Yankees have seemed reluctant to promote and dubious about his potential as a major-leaguer keeps getting guys out. In 72.1 innings at AA, Venditte has a 2.86 ERA, 3.56 FIP, 8.83 K/9, 3.36 BB/9. Like the Yankees, I too question whether Venditte has the raw stuff to translate his success from the low minors to the big leagues, but, like everyone else, if he earns his shot, he should get it.

Andrew Brackman - I am somewhat in awe of Brackman's wildness. 18 wild pitches, 12 hit batsmen, 69 walks (8.21 BB/9) all lead the international league by a mile, even though Brackman has spent about half the season in the bullpen and has thrown only 75.2 innings. Wow.