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New York Yankees News: Post-Deadline Special

Happy August!

The Yankees lack of moves on Trade Deadline day speaks volumes, says Daniel Barbarisi.

A terrific blog entry on Groller's Corner Blog about a day of Hope Week.

Jerome Preisler also writes about Hope Week. It really is fantastic, and I hope more teams start having it.

Ladies think Derek Jeter is the Greatest Yankee of All-Time.

Thirty percent of women said Jeter deserves the title, with Ruth at 16 percent, while 29 percent of men favor the Babe over Jeter at 18 percent.

Mark Montgomery, an 11th round pick this year, struck out five batters in one inning. Here's the story.

Question of the Day: Rank these prospects from who you think will have best MLB career to worst:

Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, Phil Hughes, Jesus Montero, Ivan Nova, David Phelps, Austin Romine, Adam Warren

Yankees are off to Chicago!

Come back at 9 for a bunch of thoughts from a crazy person (me) and 11 for a post about Manny Banuelos by a sane person (Travis)