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Why Alex Rodriguez Should Have Surgery

Note from Writer: I'll put this up now just in case so the post is up before the decision is announced. Sorry for the late night post.

Yesterday we found out that Alex Rodriguez has a slightly torn meniscus, and must decide whether he wants to have surgery and miss a month of baseball, or play through the pain.

The immediate reaction I had was that Rodriguez should play through the pain, as he is a huge part of the Yankees line-up, and Eric Chavez is hurt. After thinking through the options, however, my mind has changed. Alex Rodriguez should have surgery.

Rodriguez is under contract for more than five more years, and if he plays through the pain and his injury worsens the Yankees will have to deal with that for the remainder of his contract.

Also, if Rodriguez plays through the pain his play this season could worsen. Rodriguez is currently homerless since June 11th, and the injury could be part of the reason why. The Yankees need their third baseman healthy for the end of the season and the playoffs, if the Yankees make it.

If Alex Rodriguez has surgery tomorrow he will likely be out until around August 11th. Perhaps the Yankees can have their star third baseman back in time for the August 12th series vs. the Tampa Bay Rays at full strength, rather than a beaten up third baseman that can't hit home runs.

The Yankees should not let Alex Rodriguez risk his future and the future of the Yankees season on an injury. Eduardo Nunez is a more than capable third baseman, and if Eric Chavez can't come back the Yankees can trade for, or promote (please let this be what the Yankees do) a backup. Jorge Vazquez and Brandon Laird are waiting in the system to be called upon.

Yes, losing Rodriguez for a month is hard, but having an injured Rodriguez for the rest of this season, and possibly more is worse. The worst thing that can happen is having the decision delayed, as then if he has the surgery it will cause him to be out until even later in the season.

Hopefully Alex Rodriguez makes the right decision, and thankfully it was just a torn meniscus, and not torn hooves. Centaurs hate torn hooves.