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New York Yankees News: Rain and Pain

Rain delayed DJ3K, and the Yankees and Rays now have another game to be played in September as part of a double header, thanks to the Rays, who voted against playing a double header today. It's hard to blame them: they get to give the finger to the New York Yankees and the national media, and double headers are easier in September when the entire 40 man roster is eligible for the game.

"Both teams have to agree, it's the bottom line," manager Joe Girardi said. "And we voted to play, and they voted not to play. Not sure why. And you've just got to move forward, so we're going to play later on."

Meanwhile, the idea of the AL East filling the All Star game lineup is dead; first Mariano Rivera, now Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are opting to use the long weekend to rest and prepare for the rest of the season.

My reaction is meh, I'd be happy to see them play and I'm happy to see them sit. So long as real baseball comes back as soon as possible.

Nick Swisher is also hurting from a sore quad, and might not play again until after the break.