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Game 87 Preview: Hellickson vs Garcia

"Oh, is this what a full ballpark looks like?"
"Oh, is this what a full ballpark looks like?"

Update: The game's been postponed to September 22nd. Feel free to use this as the open thread for the night.

The future faces the past in tonight's matchup.

Mr. Smoke and Mirrors, the 34 year old Freddy Garcia will take on Jeremy Hellickson.

Both pitchers sport ERAs a run lower than their xFIPs, both have stayed afloat thanks to a groundball percentage in the mid-thirties (34.7% for Garcia, 33.1% for Hellickson) and double digit infield fly percentages (12.7 and, 15.5 respectively).

The starter for last year's All-Futures Game, the future is now for Hellickson, who won a spot in the Rays rotation in spring training. He was a huge Jeter fan growing up, even naming his dog for the Yankee shortstop. That should make the Captain feel old.

He may have grown up a Jeter fan, but it's harder to tell who Hellickson is now; his .224 BABIP is begging to rise, his K/BB ratio has been unimpressive (especially considering the better numbers he put up in the minor leagues). He could be the best pitching prospect baseball, as he viewed before the season started. Or he may be throwing that low 90s fastball too much (53% compared to Garcia's 37%) to survive without really putting his breaking stuff to work.