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New York Yankees News and Notes

Curtis Granderson's Production Highlights Yankees' First Half.

This is pretty obvious. Granderson is hitting (before last night's game) .278/.370/.597, with 11 doubles, 7 triples, and 25 homers. His wOBA is .414 and his wRC+ is 163. He has a 4.9 fWAR and has been above average in centerfield and on the bases. Simply put, he has been outstanding for this club, and he is a key reason why the Yankees are poised to reach October yet again. 

Most importantly, he has solved his problems against lefty pitching, and in doing so, has "become perhaps the most dangerous weapon in a lineup loaded with them."

Three to Go for Jeter.

With his double in the eighth inning last night, Derek Jeter collected his 2,997th hit, putting him in a great position to get hit number 3,000 at home. The Yankees begin a four-game set against the Rays before hitting the road for eight games after the All-Star break. 

The Rays probable pitchers for that four-game set are Jeff Niemann, Jeremy Hellickson, David Price, and James Shields. For his career, Jeter is 5 for 9 (.556) off Niemann, 1 for 2 off Hellickson, 6 for 25 (.240) off Price, and 17 for 54 (.315) off Shields (per Baseball-Reference's Play Index Tool).

Prince Fielder in Pinstripes, Even with Mark Teixeira?

I don't even...

Up in the press box, a major league scout was watching Prince Fielder flick line drives into the right field seats during batting practice Tuesday, the Brewers' star first baseman making home runs look practically effortless.

"Man, I'd hate to think how many he could hit in this bandbox," the scout said. "If I'm the Yankees, he's the guy I sign, even with (Mark) Teixeira here. Put Fielder in this lineup as the DH and they might never lose."

It has to be a tempting thought for the Yankee brass, even at $25 million a year. Not only is Fielder's left-handed swing made for the Stadium, but the free agent-to-be would add more of the star power this franchise both craves and needs to continue selling its outrageously-priced seats.

Just because they are the Yankees does not mean they need to sign every single big name free agent that becomes available. They are moving toward young, athletic players. What use do they have in Fielder, a man who will cost $25MM a season? They don't need a $25MM man to DH. They can use Jesus Montero in that role for league minimum.

Speaking of, call up Jesus Montero.

Anyway, try using logic. Seriously.

An Appreciation of CC Sabathia.

Jeff Freier takes a look at CC Sabathia, and comes to the conclusion that he may be under-appreciated.

Sabathia has had a smooth transition to the Bronx, with nothing but success, and he's doing it nonchalantly while sidestepping any and all controversy. He hasn't pushed a photographer. He hasn't flipped off the fans. He hasn't melted down in the New York limelight. He hasn't swapped wives with any of his teammates. He hasn't been called a fat, puss-y toad. He's just pitched. And pitched phenomenally at that. Whether it's stopping a team losing streak or winning the World Series, he's been the definition of an ace.

The big man has been everything the Yankees could have asked for. Maybe it's just me, but he is not under-appreciated in my eyes.


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  • Would you give up one of Jesus Montero, Gary Sanchez, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances or Austin Romine in a package trade for Francisco Liriano? Right now, only Romine for me.