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HBO to Air Derek Jeter Documentary

After a long double last night (the only extra-base hit against Justin Masterson), The Captain is just three hits shy of 3000 career hits. In the midst of his historic chase, HBO has begun filming a one-hour documentary that will air several weeks after he accomplishes the feat. Camera crews followed Jeter during his recent rehab and have also been allowed into his home.

Derek Jeter 3K will feature interviews with teammates, friends and relatives, including Hal Steinbrenner, Minka Kelly, Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman. 

The Yankees return home for a four-game set against the division rival Rays tonight. Jeter is a career .309 hitter against Tampa Bay (including 5-10 against Thursday's starter Jeff Niemann), so it looks likely that he'll become the first Bronx Bomber to ever eclipse the 3000-hit plateau in the next few days. 

Who among you is going to the upcoming series? When did you buy the tickets and how much - if at all - above face value were they? If his 3000th hit went into the stands (double or home run) and you caught it, what would you do with it? Sell it to the highest bidder? Give it to Jeter scot-free?