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Yankees Afternoon Links: CC and Hughes

Long time, no see, Phil.
Long time, no see, Phil.

Update 3:03 (Chris) - Derek Jeter will bat leadoff tonight and play shortstop against the Indians. The pursuit continues without rest.

Appreciating CC Sabathia, by Jeff Freier -

It may be odd to say that CC Sabathia is underappreciated, but what he's accomplished when looking back at the history of big-name free agents or trade acquisitions is impressive. With the red-hot, big-city spotlight shining on him, he's thrived, and he's done it as effortlessly as can be. He's taken on the challenges New York City has thrown at him and whipped them all. Apparently he wasn't good enough to have been chosen for this year's American League All-Star roster, but he's good enough for us. More than good enough in fact. The All-Star team can have all those other pitchers. New York will gladly keep CC Sabathia.

  • Which baseball club is the most popular? Take a wild guess.
  • Do you agree with Girardi's (probable) decision to "rest" Derek Jeter tonight?
  • How confident are you in Phil Hughes' first start back from a "dead arm"?