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New York Yankees News - July 6, 2011

Good morning, Pinstripe Alley

Great news as Phil Hughes will be making his first start since April 14 tonight in the rubber game against the Cleveland Indians. His last rehab start was especially positive and I expect to see a Phil Hughes that hasn't been welcomed to the majors thus far in 2011. Now the question is who will be sent down... 

I'm not a huge fan of this, but it's technically Yankee-related news. Roger Clemens has a trial that starts today in Washington. Clemens will be tried for perjury, or lying to Congress while under oath. This should be an interesting one to hear updates about, but it's Clemens' own problem and doesn't affect the Yankee organization at all. 

The Wall Street Journal takes a look at some of the "staggering", in a good way, numbers through the first half of the season for the New York Yankees. Of all the stats they list, this is probably my favorite one. 

53 in 33.1

Strikeout machine David Robertson had 53 strikeouts in 33.1 innings, putting him on pace for a truly rare 100-strikeout relief season. The last time a Yankee pitcher got 100 strikeouts purely in relief came in 1996, when a pre-closer Mariano Rivera struck out 130.

All-Star snub? I think yes. Just like a certain 290 pound starting pitcher that deserved a little more recognition. It's ok, I'd rather he rest up anyway. And I believe I've voiced my displeasure for the All-Star Game a few teams anyway. 

This is an article I saw on Twitter posted by Joe Pawlikowski, a writer for River Avenue Blues. It deals with the difference between Jeter at the top and bottom of the lineup. I suggest you all give it a read. 

That's it for me this morning. Be on the lookout for the number seven All-Star moment in Yankee history post later on this morning. Have a great day everyone!