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New York Yankees News: Good and Bad Logic

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As you might have expected, the New York Yankees news circulating the inter-webs today is dominated by the return of our fallen captain, Derek Jeter.  Some of them, are less than complimentary.  While I've certainly been critical of Jeter's play, it's important to keep things in perspective:

Good Logic: Derek Jeter is not the player he once was.  Derek Jeter is not the best shortstop in the American League.  The All Star Game is dumb.
Bad Logic: The Yankees winning a bunch of games while Jeter was on the DL is relevant.  The Yankees were better off while Jeter was on the DL.

For the same reason that counting rings does not make Eric Hinske better than Ted Williams, the Yankees having a good two weeks in Jeter's absence is indicative of exactly nothing.  While Eduardo Nunez played well in Jeter's stead, and I hope that he has earned himself some more playing time in the months to come, he was certainly not single-handedly carrying the team to victory on a nightly basis.

For the remaining years of his time in New York, Jeter's decline is likely to be a thorn in the side of the Yankees organization, but him going on the DL is not a magic victory elixir.  It would be mighty nice if he'd stop hitting so poorly, though.

Also, here's some analysis from Professor Scape on A.J. Burnett and his 7th inning meltdown.