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Minor League Mondays: More of the Same

Mood Music - Bright Lights Bigger City by Cee Lo Green

As the minor league seasons also approach their halfway points, there are a few story-lines that an avid follower of the Yankees should be aware of:

  • Graham Stoneburner has returned from the DL (neck), and is currently rehabbing and getting stretched back out in rookie ball. In five innings, spanning two short stars, Stoneburner has given up one run, striking out eight and walking one. If everything goes to plan, he should be able to rejoin the rotation in AA Trenton very soon. Stoneburner was one of the prospects that I was most excited to watch this season, but his hot start was derailed by this trip to the DL. Hopefully he can pick up where he left off.
  • After nearly being called up to the Yankees before Brian Gordon was acquired, David Phelps was placed on the disabled list after his June 21st start with tightness in his shoulder. Although Phelps and the medical staff do not seem to think the injury is overly serious, it is an unfortunate setback in a terrific AAA campaign for Phelps.
  • Since June 13th, Jesus Montero is hitting .292/.378/.444 with 3 HR. During that same timeframe, Russell Martin is hitting .188/.291/.271 with 1 HR. him up. Also worthy of note, in recent weeks, Montero has been much more selective at the plate, resulting in a lot of favorable counts, hard hit balls, and walks.
  • Bryce Harper was promoted to Double-A Harrisburg. In before Manny Banuelos strikes him out.