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New York Yankees News: Happy Birthday America!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

The Staten Island Yankees are currently on a 13 game win streak. Impressive.

What if the Yankees played at Citi Field?

Shortstop Derek Jeter would have been affected most, with just four of his 20 homers leaving Citi Field. For Robinson Cano, who hits most of his home runs into Yankee Stadium's short right field, the number is 18 of 40. Even Alex Rodriguez, one of the all-time best home-run hitters, would have lost 41% of his homers if he played his home games at Citi Field.

The Yankees released Carlos Silva, in case you missed it. Makes sense considering their depth.

Do you have a Yankees fan cave? This couple does.

Chien-Ming Wang is inching closer to the majors, which definitely makes me happy.

Sometime this week, Wang will make his third minor league rehab start, his first at Class AA Harrisburg. Saturday night, Wang allowed two hits and walked none, hitting 91 miles per hour with his best fastball. Wang feels better now than at any point in the past two years – he last pitched in the majors on July 4, 2009, with the New York Yankees.

Here's a preview of the upcoming Yankees at Indians series.

Questions of the Week:

Which would you prefer: no interleague and pitchers hit in NL, or same amount or more interleague, with league round DH?

What is your favorite part of America?