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Pathetic Part II

Definition of the word pathetic is "miserably inadequate." This word seems to perfectly sum up how the Yankees management has handled transactions this season.

The Yankees sent down rookie Ivan Nova yesterday and recalled Lance Pendleton. Pendleton will be sent down soon to make room for Phil Hughes, who is returning from a DL stint.

I have no problem with Phil Hughes taking his rotation spot back. What I do have a problem with is Ivan Nova losing his spot in the major leagues because the likes of Sergio Mitre and Freddy Garcia are out of options.

I'm not a big sabermagician, sabermetrician, or whatever you want to call it, but Freddy Garcia has been extremely lucky this season. Much more so than Ivan Nova, at least, yet Nova is the one being demoted.

I am not suggesting Garcia should be demoted, but instead Garcia should be switched into a long relief role, and Ivan Nova should keep his rotation spot. Nova has pitched fantastically lately, and has not given anyone reasons to believe that will change.

The Yankees continue to worship their mop up men, and shun their talented pitchers. Whether it's promoting Lance Pendleton instead of George Kontos, or adding Sergio Mitre to the roster instead of promoting Kontos, or keeping Mitre on the roster instead of Nova, the Yankees will do anything to keep their out of options pitchers.

The reality that the Yankees refuse to acknowledge is that the Yankees do not need the out of options pitchers. If the Yankees designate Lance Pendleton, or Sergio Mitre for assignment, the sport of baseball will not cease to exist. The Yankees will not stop winning. In fact, the Yankees will stand a heck of a better chance of winning. Maybe a team like the Royals will pick up Pendleton and he will throw a few good innings, but the Yankees don't need him. The Yankees can replace Pendleton with anyone off their AAA roster. Even AA. Same for Mitre.

So, Ivan Nova is now in the minors, with absolutely nothing to work on other than becoming more of a mop. Perhaps he will model his hair after a mop, who knows. While the Yankees arguably third best starter wastes away Sergio Mitre stands on a major league mound triumphantly. Triumphantly until he gives up four runs, of course.