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Pathetic Part I

This is not an open thread. Please continue other comments in the game thread.

Definition of the word pathetic is "miserably inadequate." This word seems to perfectly sum up how well the managers, players, and fans did in selecting this years All Star Game participants, and how the Yankees management has handled transactions this season.

These are two completely different topics, so I have split my original one post into two separate posts. First, the All Star Game selections.

Bruce Bochy admitted during the show that he was very biased when selecting the All-Star Game participants. Players tend to select the players that have the flashiest names, and fans are generally moronic.

Andrew McCutchen, CC Sabathia, Craig Kimbrel, Paul Konerko, Mark Teixeira, Danny Espinosa, David Robertson, etc. Take your pick, all of these players are more deserving than players selected to make their respective All-Star teams. Heck, even Jhonny Peralta deserves to make it over our captain Derek Jeter.

The silver lining is that CC Sabathia isn't able to pitch in the All Star Game anyway. He is likely pitching Sunday, so he would have to be replaced. As for the others, they have reasons to play with chips on their shoulders.

Russell Martin making the team may have caused Ron Washington to not pick Robertson or Teixeira, but it's more likely that Washington chose C.J. Wilson over Robertson in his final decision making.

For the NL, it was completely necessary for Chipper Jones to make the team. His knees haven't imploded, so he deserves an All-Star Game selection according to the players. The second highest WAR in the national league belongs to Andrew McCutchen, who did not make the team. Fair.

I would not be surprised to see a few of the above listed players make the team as replacements, but both teams are certainly not put together to the highest ability possible. How would you fix it? Explain in the comments.

Oh, and vote Ian Kennedy.