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New York Yankees News: Chavez, Soriano and Nova

"In case you forgot... it wasn't me."
"In case you forgot... it wasn't me."

Goodbye Brandon Laird, we hardly knew ye. Eric Chavez is set to return to the Yankees today, which will mean the demotion of Laird. Chavez' last game came in early May, when he was actually getting a fair amount of playing time (17 games, 39 PA, .834 OPS). This should be great news - if he can hit close to what he did in April, it will mean a lot fewer chances for Andruw Jones and Jorge Posada to hurt the team. 

  • Rafael Soriano is also nearing a return to the Bronx. He threw a perfect inning for the Scranton Yankees last night (his first since his first appearance of the season). We just have to hope he returns to his 2010 form, since he's apparently better than ace reliever David Robertson (or so says Joe Girardi). 
  • Ivan Nova's simulated game went well, so he should be ready to start one of the games of the doubleheader this Saturday. 
  • SI's Jon Heyman highlights some trade possibilities for the Yankees. Potential targets include Derek Lowe, Ty Wigginton and Randy Choate. Chicago's Matt Thornton is another name being thrown about.
  • HOPE Week began yesterday and got off to a great start. Russell Martin, Nick Swisher, Francisco Cervelli and Chris Dickerson joined Bernie Williams in a concert to kick off the "community service initiative." Martin was hitting a bongo (the most hits he's had since April!) while Swisher sang a Backstreet Boys song.
  • Check out some scouting reports on prominent Staten Island Yankees, including Cito Culver and Mason Williams.