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New York Yankees News: Late Morning Links

The first unanimous Hall of Famer?
The first unanimous Hall of Famer?

The Yankees took two out of three from the A's and now welcome the struggling Mariners into the Bronx for a three game set. 

Will Derek Jeter receive a unanimous vote into the Hall of Fame?

No player has ever been voted in unanimously. Not Mickey Mantle, Sandy Koufax, or even Babe Ruth. Could Jeter be the guy to finally reach the Hall with his name on every ballot? Sam borden of Sports illustrated discusses the possibility. And even though no one will cal Jeter the greatest hitter of all time, or even of his generation, who thinks of Derek Jeter without thinking of Hall of Fame?

Yanks Monitoring Quality of Soriano's Outings.

The Yankees will monitor the quality of Rafael Soriano's outings. The Yankees' main interest is that the quality of his stuff is back, and will be looking to see if he can pitch back to back days.


Sorry about the late post, folks. I never clicked publish last night.