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New York Yankees News: 7/24/2011


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Morning Haiku
It's hot in the Bronx
Hungry for spicy meatballs
Hughes the master chef

Joe Girardi called the latest disappointing start from Phil Hughes a 'bad outing,' but seemed to avoid hitting the panic button.  Outside of Hector Noesi, none of the pitchers really looked sharp that day in the blistering heat, so let's hope that Hughes can take the meatballs off the menu next time out.

On the bright side, we're one day closer to the trade deadline, and the Yankees have (so far) remained true to their word about not doing anything stupid.  Other things:

  • If you haven't had a chance to read Bill Pennington's article on Kei Igawa, it is very well written and provides some color on a truly unique situation.
  • Some words on the memorable Major League debut of Brandon Laird.
  • Your daily update on Rafael Soriano and Eric Chavez.
  • Doomed
  • Nick Swisher is hitting .315/.430/.564 with 9 HR since June 1st.  See you in 2012.