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Note on the Guidelines

I don't want to come off like a high school principal, but the excessive cursing needs to stop. Here are the guidelines. The vast majority of the time, there is no reason to curse at all. Please remember this.

The most important thing is just to try to add something to the debate. We want to encourage more and more fans to join us, and the best way to do that is to create intelligent discussion.

We don't get a chance to read every comment. There are too many for us to look at. So we're counting on you to "flag" inappropriate comments. To do so, below every comment is "actions." Click that, then click "flag." It's as simple as that.

Also, please be more accepting of new readers. Just because they say something you disagree with, it doesn't mean you can ridicule them. The more readers we have, the better it is for everyone.

In general, the comments are fun and insightful and make PA a fun place to visit; all we want is to keep it civil and intelligent.