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Late Night Yankees News

First off, a quick congratulations to Brandon Laird! Laird made his MLB debut tonight, walking and scoring in the seventh, and tallying his first MLB hit and MLB RBI in the eighth with a single to center.

There is a very strong possibility that Adam Warren will start one of the two games of the Yankees double header vs. the Baltimore Orioles on July 30th. The Yankees are lining Warren up to pitch Saturday, but have not made it official, and will not likely do so until much later.

The Yankees signed Marcus Thames to a minor league deal today. Would you rather have Thames or Jones in the majors right now?

The Yankees checked in on James Shields' availability, and the Rays told them that they won't trade him to a team within their own division. Not shocking at all.

Jesus Montero was not called up or traded today. He went 0-3 with a walk tonight.