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Rays 2, Yankees 1: Outdueled

To the Angry Dome!

What's worse?

1) To lose a game 2-1 to a division rival despite a complete game from your ace;

2) To fall two losses back of the division leading Red Sox;

3) To fail to finish off the biggest Wild Card threat at their stadium;

4) To endure a combined 2-7 from the C and DH (both hitting below .225/.320/.385 while one of the highest ranked hitting prospects still in the minor leagues plays in Triple A?

Look, a baseball team is going to lose games. I know that. I try hard to keep an even keel, to say "it's a long season," it let the heat of the moment pass.

Any one of those 4 things happening would not push me over the edge. 3 out of five would upset me, but I could get over.

But the Yankees took the Golden Sombrero tonight, and I might not be able to sleep. How can this team be good enough to win in October?