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Game 95: Yankees at Rays Preview

Current Series

4 game series vs Rays @ Tropicana Field

Mon 07/18 WP: David Robertson (3 - 0)
SV: Mariano Rivera
LP: Alexander Torres (0 - 1)
5 - 4 win
Tue 07/19 WP: Jeremy Hellickson (9 - 7)
SV: Joel Peralta
LP: Bartolo Colon (6 - 6)
2 - 3 loss

New York Yankees
@ Tampa Bay Rays

Wednesday, Jul 20, 2011, 7:10 PM EDT
Tropicana Field

Freddy Garcia vs David Price

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Thu 07/21 7:10 PM EDT

Lineups below...

Tonight is game three of a four-game set against the third place Rays. As Joe Girardi said after last night's tough loss (to paraphrase): "We stole one yesterday, and gave one away today." I just hope the ballpark doesn't have an affect on the outcome of tonight's contest.

Going for the Rays is All-Star David Price, who the Yankees have seen twice already this year, hitting him hard each time. In May, he allowed five runs in five innings, and then just 11 days ago, he allowed four runs in five innings (that was the Derek Jeter 5-5 day).

Freddy Garcia hasn't faced Tampa Bay since May of last year, when he allowed two runs in seven innings (coincidentally, also against Price). I'd kill for a start like that tonight.

Lineups -

NYY: Jeter, Grandy, Tex Cano, Swish (DH), Russ, Andruw, Wardo, GGBG

TBR: Damon (DH), Chirinos, Kotchman, Longoria, Joyce, Upton, Fuld, S. Rodriguez, Brignac

Look for the gamethread at 7 p.m.