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Launching the Eduardo Nunez Era

"Wow, that must have been jscape's dog I ran over last night..."
"Wow, that must have been jscape's dog I ran over last night..."

Who would have thought that the New York Yankees would have it this good free of Derek Jeter? If you've watched Yankee baseball for the last 15 years, you should hardly be surprised.

Last night, the Bronx Bombers improved to 13-3 since DJ3K got put on hold. Even more impressive, of the 80 career games they have played while El Capitan has been on the disabled list, the Yankees have won 54. That's a .675 winning percentage, good for 109 wins over the course of a full season.

When Jeter is in the lineup the team struggles. The team can't even put together a .600 record when he takes the field (.59958763); over the course of a season, a team with Derek Jeter at shortstop can only put together an average of 97 wins.


Which is why, when Derek Jeter returns from his calf injury, he should be allowed to limp to his 3000th hit, tip his cap to the Stadium crowd one final time, and then Joe Girardi and Gene Monahan should take Jeter behind the tarp and put him down. Eduardo Nunez will take over as everyday shortstop, while Mark Teixeira will take up the mantle of robotic vanilla non-comments for the media.

For the good of the team.