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New York Yankees News: Rafael Soriano

Mood Music - Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.

Rafael Soriano is going to appear in a game for High A Tampa today, his first action since going down with an elbow injury.  He will need a few rehab appearances before he's ready to rejoin the Yankees, but it shouldn't be too long before he's another option in the bullpen.

In fifteen regular season innings, Soriano has managed to turn most of the Yankee fan base against him, with a 5.40 ERA, a few blown leads, a terrible contract, and an unlikable personality.  At this point, however, most of that means nothing.  Having Soriano back means less big spots for Luis Ayala and that we don't have to keep giving David Robertson the Scott Proctor treatment.  I'll be surprised if he's not an asset to the team, albeit an overpriced and foolishly acquired one, for the remainder of the season.  

So, get ready for the puppy dog eyes and the media overreaction if he does any more struggling.  With that said, if [when] Soriano immediately leapfrogs D-Rob in the binder's depth chart, I'll be the first to strike up the Fire Girardi band.

Also linked in that story are some words about Eric Chavez and his recovery from injury.  I think Chavez still has something in the tank, but I'll believe he can stay healthy when I see it.  Brandon Laird and Eduardo Nunez are going to need to hold the fort down while Alex Rodriguez is on the shelf, with anything Chavez can provide being an unexpected bonus.