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New York Yankees 5 - Tampa Bay Rays 4

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In one of the better wins of the season, the New York Yankees snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, coming back in the late innings against the Tampa Bay Rays.  After digging an early hole (four runs in the first two innings for the Rays), the Yankees pitchers were able to throw up zeroes while the offense chipped away.

Bad A.J. Burnett showed up for the first two innings, but he managed to pitch into the sixth inning while keeping the team in the game, even if it was often ugly.  After Burnett, Hector Noesi, David Robertson, and Mariano Rivera all pitched brilliantly.

Before the Mark Feinsands of the world take this storyline and run with it, the Yankees did just fine against a rookie pitcher that they had never faced before in Alex Cobb.  Lack of exposure always favors the pitcher, but the Yankees scratched out two runs and drew four walks in six innings to elevate Cobb's pitch count and get into a depleted Rays bullpen.

Leading the offensive charge were Curtis Granderson, who was 2-3 with two singles and two stolen bases, and Brett Gardner, who drew two walks and drove in a big run in the 8th inning with a single.  The Yankees eventually took the lead in the top of the ninth inning after Russell Martin drew a bases loaded walk.  

The game looked a little something like this:

Play of the Game: Martin's bases loaded walk

Comment of the Game: jetanumba2