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Minor League Mondays: Watching the Thunder

Tonight, you.
Tonight, you.

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One of the biggest disconnects between fans and the players and teams of the minor leagues is the lack of availability of the games.  Games are rarely shown on TV, and most analysis and speculation is done as a product of numbers or based off of the scouting reports of others.  I do my best to cover the relevant players, many of whom I have seen play a few times or not at all.

But, the Trenton Thunder are doing me a big favor.  They have started broadcasting their home games at the following URL:

Again, this will only cover home games, and it is certainly done on a budget (there are only a few camera angles), but if you'd like to watch a Dellin Betances start, follow that link at 7:05 tonight.  I used it last night to watch Manny Banuelos, Melky Mesa, Austin Romine, Raymond Kruml, and the rest of the Thunder and will definitely continue to do so in the future.

Of what I saw of Banuelos, many of the claims that I have been making about him this season were reaffirmed.  He has the ability to be utterly dominant at times, but he doesn't throw enough strikes to keep his walks and pitch count down.  This is not uncommon with young strikeout pitchers and I think Banuelos can overcome it, but I'd give him a lot more innings in the minors to smooth out his rough edges.

I'll keep you updated on how Betances' outing goes tonight, and if this sort of thing is interesting to you, I'd bookmark that link.