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Why the Yankees Aren't Promoting Jesus Montero

Jesus Montero has not played a game in the MLB yet, and many fans are perplexed about why that is. Montero is the Yankees top prospect, and is one of the best hitting prospects in baseball. That Montero plays catcher, a position that the Yankees have had troubles with this season, is just an added bonus.

Montero has shown over and over again why he belongs in the MLB, and the majority of fans believe he should be in the MLB right now. Whether it is a platoon with Russell Martin, or the full time starting job, I agree. However, the Yankees do not.

Many fans have tried to analyze why exactly the Yankees have not promoted Montero. Sure, Montero did just get hurt, which will certainly give the Yankees another excuse to not call him up, but that can't be the main reason, as he has not proved to be injury prone. Sure, Montero has shown a little lack of effort, but that is no reason to not promote someone.

Here are the possible reasons, in order of how likely I believe they are:

1. The Yankees simply believe Russell Martin is a capable starting catcher, and that gives them no reason to call up Montero. For the Yankees, it might not be about Montero. It might be that Russell Martin is a "big name" catcher, that had a monster April for the Yankees. That April could have been just enough to ensure that Martin does not lose his job this season, even to Montero.

Joe Girardi has shown a tendency to get attached to players (cough Sergio Mitre cough) and Russell Martin could be that kind of player. If this is the case, which I think it is, Martin would have to go on the DL (which is extremely unlikely) for Montero to be promoted. Otherwise, there is almost a zero percent chance Montero is promoted before September.

2. Montero is trade bait, and nothing more than that. Perhaps the Yankees believe Austin Romine, Gary Sanchez, J.R. Murphy, or another minor leaguer is the catcher of the future. Maybe they think it is Russell Martin. Either way, this would be terrible if it is true. I am a huge fan of Romine, almost to a fault, but I still feel Montero is the better prospect right now.

Enough about me, though. If this is the case, it still makes almost zero sense. The Yankees should want to show that their top hitting prospect can hit major league pitching. Many people have mentioned the possibility of "exposing" Montero as a minors only hitter, but there is no evidence at all that Montero can't hit major league pitching.

If this is the case expect Montero to be dealt before July 31st. If not, we could see Montero in the majors soon enough.

3. Montero really does have attitude problems and the Yankees aren't willing to put up with it. I almost didn't even include this option, as I feel it has very little chance of being true, but it's still worth mentioning.

Montero has had over a year to progress both athletically and mentally, and he could be showing little progression mentally. Perhaps Dave Miley, Scranton's manager, hasn't given the thumbs up yet.

While this is very unlikely, if it is true this does not bode well for the future of Montero and the Yankees.

4. Brian Cashman dated Jesus Montero's mother and she dumped him. Something like that, some reason why Cashman has something against Montero other than Montero's peformance on the field. This is of course a joke, but so is the fact that Montero is not in the majors.

Call up Jesus Montero.