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Yankees 7, Blue Jays 2: Hughes Performance for Phil


Yankees defeated the Blue Jays 7-2 today, thanks in part to a fantastic performance by Phil Hughes. In Hughes' second start since being activated off the DL, the young righty gave up two runs and four hits in six innings pitched. Hughes walked two and struck out five, leaving with only eighty pitches thrown.

The Yankees offense also delivered, giving Hughes little to worry about throughout the game. Without some of their best players in the lineup, the offense didn't skip a beat. The Yankees tallied four runs in the fourth, and a run a piece in the first, seventh, and ninth.

Brett Gardner (the man) added another three hits to his impressive run of late, and Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher got two hits a piece.

The Yankees bullpen finished it off, as a combination of Cory Wade (who as I have insisted quite often and continue to insist is NOT a mop) David Robertson, and Mariano Rivera Mariano Rivera's twin, Boone Logan, baffled the Blue Jays hitters. The three baffled the Jays hitters, striking out five in three perfect innings.

Comment of the Game: pastror2b