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New York Yankee News: Hughes, Clippard and Blued Eyed Ballplayers

Pretty cool.
Pretty cool.

Phil Hughes is still tinkering with his curveball. By my count, this is Hughes' third curveball since his debut. When he came up, he threw a beautiful but useless 12-6 curve with a mile of movement that was never a strike and started to break too soon to fool good hitters. He switched the Mussina knucklecurve with great results the last two season, it came in faster and broke later. But if he thinks hitters have adjusted, then it's time to make a change.

All Star and (of course) former Yankee Tyler Clippard is having a good season. Why did the Yankees trade him to the Nationals for Jonathan Albaladejo? Throughout the minor leagues, Albaladejo kept his WHIP around 1, struck out around 8 per nine and maintained a better than 3:1 K:BB. I thought it was a good trade.

Apparently, Josh Hamilton is not just a whiner: there's medical evidence suggesting that blue eyed players have more trouble dealing with glare, but that the right diet could help counteract that.