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Yankees 1, Blue Jays 7 - Morrow Too Much For Bombers

This was exactly the type of game one could have expected if you went in based on the pitchers' FIP ERAs. Some of Brandon Morrow's bad luck finally ended, while Freddy Garcia's streak of good luck stopped as well. Morrow showed a consistent mid-90s fastball with a nasty slider that kept Yankee hitters off balance most of the game. 

For the second straight night, Toronto scored in the first inning to take an early lead. The Yankees equalized an inning later, but things fell apart for Garcia in the middle innings. He allowed two runs in the fourth, then three more in the fifth. 

The top of the Yankee lineup didn't help much either. Jeter, Grandy, Tex and Cano combined to go 0-15 with six K's. Strangely, the bottom five hitters went 7-18 and provided the only offense the club could manage.

Sergio Mitre "pitched" again, and continued his streak of allowing a run in every inning with the Yankees this season. Congrats, Sergio!

The Yankees will now have to win the next two contests just to salvage a split. But they have the right guy going tomorrow, CC Sabathia, who will take on fellow southpaw and All-Star Ricky Romero at 1 p.m.

Play of the Game: Edwin Encarnacion's fourth-inning RBI double that gave Toronto a 2-1 lead they would never relinquish (-12%).

Comment of the Game: long time listener (bravo!)