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JC Romero and the Quest for a Left Handed Reliever

Years and years hence, Joe Girardi remembered the Troubled Year.
He spoke hushedly to an assistant GM struggling to decide which trade to recommend.
Quoth Joe Girardi, to the young executive:

'And all at once, as there we sat in the clubhouse, we heard
A cracking and a riving of the roofs,
And the chanting of "Let's Go Yankees," and overhead
Air horns, and in the air horns were a cry.
And in the blast there smote along the hall
A beam of light seven times more clear than day:
And down the long beam stole the Effective LOOGY
All over covered with a pinstriped cloud.
And none might see who it was, and he past.
But every reliever beheld his fellow's face
As in a glory, and all the pitchers arose,
And staring each at other like Carlos Beltran after a called third strike,
Stood, till I found a voice and sware a vow.

'I sware a vow before them all, that I,
Because I had not seen the Effective LOOGY, would ride
A twelvemonth and a day in quest of him,

Until I found him and saw him, and called him
and in a clutch situation saw the out recorded
The brothers Stein saw it; and Brian Cashman sware the vow, also
And all the executives sware, we would not rest
no option would be unexplored
until the Effective LOOGY be returned in glory to clubhouse of Yankee Stadium...

The Quest for the Effective LOOGY continues with the signing of JC Romero!

Sincerest apologies to Tennyson.