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Mid-Morning New York Yankee News Roundup

In only took two months for Bartolo Colon's doctors to turn over their medical files to MLB, but it finally happened. No, the delay doesn't look incriminating at all.


[Dr. Sergio Guzman, a senior doctor on the medical team that treated Colon at the Clínica Unión Médica in Santiago, Dominican Republic, in April 2010] said the two originally agreed that Colon would pay 4 percent of any future contract for the overall treatment. Colon, who did not pitch professionally last year, has a $900,000 contract with the Yankees.

"We don’t think he can ignore us," Guzman said. "We helped to get him to where he is today, along with his talent, of course."

4% of any future treatment is a pretty gargantuan price, and I'd be surprised if any big leaguer agree to that.

In other legal woes, ex-Red Sox, ex-Blue Jay, ex-Yankee, ex-Astro, ex-Yankee Roger Clemens' perjury trial started yesterday -

[The prosecution] told the jury that their evidence included syringes and cotton balls used by Clemens’s former personal trainer to inject Clemens with drugs. Those items tested positive for traces of Clemens’s DNA, as well as for steroids, prosecutors said.

It must be a strange feeling for a guy who has always been the one holding the ball to have to sit and watch other people decide his fate.

Brian Cashman's contract is up after this season. The Soriano signing this offseason was the first time he's been publicly overruled since he threatened to leave after 2005 season and finally broke up the Tampa power brigade. Following his own policy of no mid-season extensions, he's focused on seeing the 2011 season through. But does he want to come back?