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Ways to Improve the All-Star Game Without Removing Home-Field Advantage Rule

"I approve."
"I approve."

The All-Star Game cannot be fixed without taking away the rule that the winning team gets home-field advantage in the World Series. Bud Selig seems adamant on keeping the home-field advantage rule, and I have already complained enough about the rule, so I will completely ignore the possibility of that rule being changed.

If the winning team must get home-field advantage, here are some ideas on how to improve the game.

Allow starters to re-enter the game: I doubt the All-Star Game will ever have players playing for the full game, especially considering there are more than thirty capable players on each team. The best players usually start the game, and by the end of the game we end up seeing players like Matt Joyce and Michael Cuddyer up with the game on the line. MLB currently allows one player to re-enter the game, not including the catcher. What MLB should do is allow all starters to re-enter the game, but only once. This way we can see Adrian Gonzalez vs. Brian Wilson, not Michael Cuddyer vs. Brian Wilson.

Switch the Futures Game to Monday, Home Run Derby Tuesday, All-Star Game Wednesday: The NL had a tremendous advantage in the All-Star Game this year, as many of the AL's top pitchers pitched Sunday, making them unable to pitch in the All-Star Game. If the game was switched to Wednesday, or even Thursday, the pitchers that pitched Sunday would be able to play, and the AL could use CC Sabathia or James Shields rather than Jordan Walden, who is definitely talented, but not the first pitcher you think of when you hear "star."

Switch the Managers Picks rule: Instead of letting the defending World Series champions manager pick some players on his own, make the current division leading managers, along with the Wild Card manager, agree on a group of players that they would like to pick. The four managers cannot suggest their own players, and whichever players get the most votes get to make the team.

More Heath Bell, Brian Wilson, less Joe Buck, Justin Timberlake: This just makes the game a heck of a lot more entertaining. How about letting the fans vote on who they want to announce the All-Star Game? How about the reigning Ford Frick Award winner gets to announce the All-Star Game? How about letting a current player who did not make the team join the announcing crew for the night? Just some ideas, along with more interviews with Heath Bell and Brian Wilson. The two are hilarious.

None of these ideas fix the All-Star Game, which is currently not fixable due to the Home-Field Advantage rule, but they certainly make it more competitive and entertaining.