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New York Yankee News: Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

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Last night's All Star Game was a disappointment in several ways, ultimately because it was a 5-1 loss for the AL, but most importantly because a galaxy of stars chose to skip the event.

Come back at 9 for my suggestions on improving that situation.

A team will almost certainly be moving from the NL to the AL, and we can expect an interleague series every day. Hopefully that means that the AL and NL will play each other an equal number of times. No more "natural rivals" where the Yankees and Mets play 6 times, while other teams in the division go Yankee free.

Bud Selig had this to say on the Jeter non-issue:

"There isn’t a player that I’m more proud of in the last 15 years than Derek Jeter. He has played the game like it should be played. He’s even been a better human being off the field, as great as he is on the field. So any concerns that I keep hearing about Derek Jeter, I know why Derek Jeter isn’t here. I respect that."

The landscape of the NL Central shifted last night, and the trading season in advance of the July 31 deadline has officially begun. The Mets dealt Francisco Rodriguez and cash to the Brewers for two players to be named later. I've learned enough these last few seasons not to underrate the PTBNL. On the other hand, to not bring back at least one name the fans can kick around, means that Sandy Alderson conceded that with K-Rod's massive contract and bad history (assault, blown saves, antics on the mound) getting rid of him was more important than getting the highest quality in return.

Almost forgot! Some guy named "Mark Duggan" (has to be a nom de plume) wrote about the awesomeness of Robinson Cano's Home Run Derby at the Hometown Fan.