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A Suggestion for the Future of the All Star Game

D-Rob likes it.
D-Rob likes it.

We're hearing from more places that a 15-15 AL-NL format is on the way, and that this will mean interleague play year round.

And so dies my last reason to watch the All Star Game.


Interleague All the Time (patent pending, Selig & Co.) should, I think, mean every AL team plays every NL team once each year. One year you're home, the next year you're away. That's 45 games. We'll keep the home and away format for the non-division games. That's 60 games. That leaves 57 matchups with division rivals, 14 games with one extra. We can play the extra game, or trim down to a 161 game schedule. Either is fine with me.

Now that every fan has a chance to see every player on every team, let's kill the Annual All Star Game. Take it out behind the woodshed and be done.

Now, once every four years (opposite the World Baseball Classic), Spring Training is replaced by the All-Star Series. Fans vote (including for pitchers and managers), players vote, and managers pick. By looking at who have been the best players over the last 3 or 4 years, we'll see more legitimate stars on the team (how could you have an All Star team without Mauer and Pujols? I'm still baffled).

And then we play a best of 7 series. If it happens less often, players will be more inclined to participate, fans will watch because we've been baseball starved over the winter, and maybe (just maybe) we can get rid of the asinine "This Time It Counts" slogan.