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All-Star Game Preview

Three quarters of your Yankee All-Stars.
Three quarters of your Yankee All-Stars.

The 82nd All-Star Game kicks off tonight at 8 p.m. on FOX. Jered Weaver goes for the AL against Roy Halladay of the NL. The Yankee All-Stars include Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, Russell Martin and David Robertson. No Jeter, A-Rod, CC or Mo, of course.


AL - Grandy (CF), A. Cabrera (SS), A. Gonzalez (1B), Bautista (RF), Hamilton (LF), Beltre (3B), Ortiz (DH), Cano (2B), Avila (C)

NL - Weeks (2B), Beltran (DH), Kemp (CF), Fielder (1B), McCann (C), Berkman (RF), Holliday (LF), Tulo (SS), Rolen (3B)


  • The National League holds a slight edge over the American League in all-time record, 41-38 with two ties. 
  • Starting in 1997, the American League has absolutely dominated All-Star play, holding a record of 13-1-1. The tie came in 2002 and the National League snapped their losing streak last year out in Anaheim. 
  • This is the first All-Star Game to be hosted by Arizona. 
  • Bud Selig announced today that the most likely candidate to host the 2013 All-Star Game is Citi Field. The New York Mets haven't hosted an All-Star Game since Shea Stadium opened back in 1964. 

Look for the gamethread at 8 p.m.