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Home Run Derby: The Real Winners

As has been well documented since the end of the Home Run Derby last night, New York's very own Robinson Cano stole the show and crushed 32 home runs to win the competition. Amongst the excitement of watching some of baseball's best slug it out, I almost lost sight on what was most important. While the American League and National League certainly went head-to-head to prove who was more powerful, there was much more incentive than bragging rights. That incentive would be raising a boatload of money for charities, more specifically the Boys and Girls Club of America.

With Derby champion Cano leading the way, the eight participating MLB hitters clubbed 95 home runs during this year's competition and an additional 11 during the first round swing-off. A total of 11 State Farm Gold Balls were launched over the wall at Chase Field, generating a donation of $18,000 per ball from State Farm and MLB to charities including the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). In addition, State Farm donated $3,000 for each non-Gold Ball home run. The home run power on display at the event generated a donation of $450,000 on behalf of State Farm and MLB.

The Phoenix area Boys and Girls Club of America made out like bandits, receiving a grand total of $120,000 ($50,000 because of Robinson Cano, $10,000 for each other participant). The smile on the face of Raquelle Enos, Cano's match-up partner, was beaming during her interview after the Derby.

Also as part of the new State Farm Home Run Derby format, the American League, led by captain David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox, defeated the National League in the team competition, 76 home runs to 19. Thanks to the American League victory, Ortiz's charity of choice, the David Ortiz Children's Fund, will receive a donation of $150,000. State Farm and Major League Baseball will also award a $100,000 donation to the BGCA in Ortiz's name, while Prince Fielder of the Milwaukee Brewers, the losing team captain, helped earn a $25,000 donation for his charity, the Ronald McDonald House.

The real reason that Cano and the rest of the gang are winners is for raising money to help build a stronger future for young boys and girls across America. At the Home Run Derby, everyone walks away a winner. That's why the event is so special.

Quotes taken from PR article.

Also, hats off to an awesome game thread last night. As jscape already pointed out, 2300 comments is incredibly impressive. Hopefully tonight's All-Star Game has just as good a turnout.