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Holiday Inn's Ultimate Road Trip All Star Game Contest

Get the last hit for me!
Get the last hit for me!

What exactly is The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip?

Winners will receive two (2) tickets to any MLB game, airfare, and Holiday Inn hotel accommodations.

How do I enter?

Tune in to the All-Star Game on July 12 and text your guess for which team will get the most hits – text "AL" or "NL" to a "88222".

You can participate in the national contest tonight, and in the meantime, join the Pinstripe Alley version: a road trip to Dick's Sporting Goods (you must provide your own transportation) with the $75 gift card you're gonna win by correctly picking the team with the most hits in tonight's game: first tie breaker goes to number of hits, second tie breaker goes to naming the last All-Star from that team to record a hit, third tie breaker goes to posting time.

So, to be clear, there's the Pinstripe Alley contest (I'm picking American League, 9 hits, Michael Cuddyer) for a Dick's gift card. Then there's the Holiday Inn's Ultimate Road Trip, and if I win I'm going to San Diego with my baby brother, because why wouldn't we spend a couple days in the sunshine? (Ed, if you're reading this, sorry for not telling you first.)

This post is sponsored by Holiday Inn, the Official Road Trip Partner of Major League Baseball.