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Robinson Cano Wins 2011 Home Run Derby


Robinson Cano defeated Adrian Gonzalez in the final round of the 2011 Home Run Derby tonight. After Gonzalez hit eleven homers in the first half of the final round, Cano came to the plate and effortlessly launched twelve dingers over the fence.

Jose Cano, Robinson's father, pitched to the Yankees' second baseman, and watched in awe as he hit home run after home run after home run.

Cano's twelve in the finals breaks the previous finals record. Overall, Cano hit thirty-two longballs, the longest of which traveled 472 feet.

Cano will bat eighth for the American League All-Stars tomorrow. What a line-up, and thanks again Texas for choosing Joaquin Arias over Cano in the Alex Rodriguez trade.

The American League out-homered the National League tonight by the final tally of 53-18 in the first two rounds. With the Boston-New York showdown in the final, the American League added another 23 home runs to bring their total to 75. Looks like David Ortiz did a better job of picking his team than Prince Fielder did. 

Let's remember that the only reason Cano was in this competition is because Mark Teixeira didn't make the All-Star team. I guess everything works out today.