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Yankees Magic Moment No. 2: Jeter Steals the Show

The 2000 All Star Game was in Atlanta. Bobby Cox, whose Braves had lost to the Yankees in the '99 World Series, was managing. Chipper Jones was one of 5 Braves on the team, and he hit the game's only home run (becoming the 13th player to hit an ASG homer in his home park).

And Derek Jeter won the MVP Award.

Alex Rodriguez was the starting AL shortstop, but he pulled himself out of the game with an injury. AL manager Joe Torre selected Jeter as the replacement, batting second between Roberto Alomar (in his last hurrah as a decent 2B) and CF Bernie Williams.

In his first AB, Jeter doubled down the left field line off of future teammate and Hall of Famer Randy Johnson, but Williams groundout and Jason Giambi struck out swinging.

In the top of the third Alomar walked, and Jeter singled sharply up the middle off of future teammate and Hall of Fame ballot one termer Kevin Brown (I view Brown's abbreviated ballot life as one of the great injustices of the Hall voters in the last 10 years). Bernie ground into a fielder's choice (Alomar at third), and Giambi walked to load the bases. Carl "I don't believe in dinosaurs" Everett singled Jeter home with the game's first run.

In the bottom of the third, Chipper clubbed his homer to tie the score at one.

And in the top of the fourth, up stepped Jeter with one out and the bases loaded. He scorched a liner off of future teammate and great broadcaster Al Leiter. Jermaine Dye scores. Travis Fryman scores. 2 RBIs for Jeter, and the AL had a lead that it would not let slip away again.

The AL would add three runs in the top of the ninth, and Mariano Rivera would record the save despite allowing a run to score.

Jeter became the first, and only, Yankee to win the All Star MVP award, and late in October, he would become the first player to win the ASG MVP and World Series MVP in the same season.

Here's to the Captain.