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Robertson and Sabathia Added to the All Star Game


Girardi and a number of Yankees teammates stumped for Robertson, and there was genuine joy in the Yankees clubhouse over his inclusion. The Yankees had eight players selected as All-Stars, though four — Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and C. C. Sabathia — will not participate, either because of injury or, in Sabathia’s case, because he started Sunday.

Sabathia, having started today, is ineligible to pitch, per the rules of MLB. Remember, This Time It Counts, so most of the first team All-Stars plan to sit it out.

That makes the 2011 Yankee All-Stars:

Sabathia (will not play); Robertson (in the pen); Rivera (will not play); Martin (reserve); Cano (elected starter); Jeter (will not play); Rodriguez (will not play); Granderson (elected starter). Is it too late to stump for Tex (25 HR at the break, after hitting 33 all of last season)?

8 Yankees on the team (at least nominally) and the Pirates best player got passed over 4 times (fans, players, manager selection, first injury replacement) before finally being added to the NL squad.

Yeah, that sounds just about right.