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Another Great Day at Yankee Stadium

When I bought tickets for the Yankees game today I did not expect to see Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit. It was July 1st, and I figured Jeter would get it earlier than July 10th. I rooted for Jeter to hold it off until today, but Jeter just played with my emotions. Jeter hit his 3,000th yesterday, crushing my expectations for a historic Yankees game.

With my expectations low, I arrived at the Yankees game with three friends around 12:45 PM. I sat down, talked to a few fans around me, and the game started.

I called a CC Sabathia no-hitter in the first (JINX!) and was disappointed when the Rays got their first hit in the first inning. The bottom of the first inning started, and the crowd roared.

Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit happened a day ago, but the crowd cheered as if they had just seen it live. Chants of "Derek Jeter" filled Yankee Stadium, combined with chants of "Let's Go Yankees." The Captain could do no wrong.

The crowd erupted after finding out that both David Robertson and CC Sabathia had made the All-Star Game. Cool moments both times.

The real story of the day, however, was CC Sabathia. The game swiftly passed, and the Yankees ace got out after out after out after out. Many times pitchers duels can be boring, but Sabathia created a buzz, a certain excitement in the crowd that I had never heard in the Stadium before.

In only my second time seeing CC Sabathia live, I realized that, as Travis mentioned earlier, I have taken the hefty lefty for granted.

The game reminded me of a previous game I had attended. Chien-Ming Wang faced Nate Robertson on a beautiful day in the Bronx. Wang shut down the Tigers, and outside of the fifth inning the Yankees did not score. 

A few differences between the two games are that the Yankees registered ten hits in the Tigers game, compared to only four today, and the crowd was not into the Tigers game, compared to being loud during the game today.

Finally, Chien-Ming Wang is currently on his road back to becoming a Major League pitcher. At the time he was one of my favorite pitchers, and was an ace for the Yankees. CC Sabathia is currently one of my favorite pitchers, and is the ace for the New York Yankees. Let's be thankful we have CC!

Back to the game today, in the ninth inning the crowd was roaring so loudly it felt louder than in 2009 ALDS Game 2, even after Alex Rodriguez' game tying home run.

Perhaps most fans were only attending because they had bought tickets in hopes they would get to see Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit. Even if so, those fans did not let their missed historic event get them down. CC Sabathia would not let them stay quiet. CC Sabathia was unstoppable. CC Sabathia IS unstoppable.