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New York Yankees News: The Injury Bug

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Everybody is hurt.  There is a risk that you take when you field a veteran team, a risk that the New York Yankees have largely avoided the past few years.  Whether it is due to an excellent medical staff, a conscientious group of guys, or just dumb luck, the Yankees have managed to avoid the huge injury losses that can derail a season a la the 2011 Twins or the 2010 (and possibly 2011) Red Sox.  The last really huge injury that I can think of was Chien-Ming Wang.

But now, Alex Rodriguez has a meniscus tear, the same injury that CC Sabathia had corrected during the offseason.  Quoth the Hefty Lefty:

"It was tough, but it was different for me.  I cover first maybe once every other game. He's out there, diving for balls, trying to drive balls, running the bases. I can only imagine how different it is. But it's painful."

Also, an ailing left quad has left Nick Swisher out of the lineup for the last few days, but he hopes to return soon.  Add Swisher's name to the aforementioned A-Rod, Rafael Soriano, Joba Chamberlain, Bartolo Colon, Derek Jeter, Eric Chavez, Phil Hughes, etc. who have had issues staying on the field.

No one is going to feel sorry for us, nor should they, but the backups, bench players, and AAA guys had all better be ready to jump into a pennant race.