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New York Yankee News: The Hits Just Keep on Coming

The Yankees' 18 wins in June is their best single month since winning 19 games last July.

With Posada and Swisher both finally looking good at the plate... with Tex locked in... with Colon, then Jeter, then Hughes set to return...

This could be the start of something good.

The realist (read, pessimist) in me argues that all these guys can't stay hot, but hopefully as guys cool off, it will be one at a time, rather than all slumping at once (as was the case during that 3-10 streak in May.

As I watch the labor strife wrack the other major American sports, I can't help but me struck by the peace in baseball. Part of this reflects the power of the commissioner, who has done an impressive and unprecedented job of getting the owners to fall into lock step with all of his decisions (Frank McCourt aside), from expanding playoffs to introducing instant replay. The era of a Branch Rickey, or a Walter O'Malley, or even a George Steinbrenner is long over. Hank and John Henry might make a little noise sparring now and then, but it's not a fight tilt between titans. The sound we hear is just country club jostling.

Derek Jeter is just about ready to turn. I just hope he's not rushing back. On the other hand, if he comes back hot for the 3 game set in Cleveland, he then has 4 home games to notch 3000 in the Bronx. He won't say it outright, but you can tell he'd like to do it at home. If he can't get it done, though, it's a 7 game road trip after the All-Star break.

All of CC Sabathia's teammates spent the afternoon gushing over how great he is. Which makes sense, because he could very well wear a different uniform next season.

Bring on the Mets.