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Joba Chamberlain has a Ligament Tear

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As is currently being reported on Twitter, New York Yankees relief pitcher Joba Chamberlain has a ligament tear, putting his 2011 season in jeopardy.  While it remains uncertain what the recommended course of treatment will be, Tommy John Surgery is a definite possibility.

Wow.  While this is still in the infant stage of being reported (and I will try to stick with the story when more information comes along), this is a big blow to the Yankees, who have relied heavily on Chamberlain in the bullpen.  Last season, Chamberlain appeared in more games and threw more innings than any other Yankee reliever.

With Chamberlain on the shelf, the Yankees will need David Robertson and (gulp) Luis Ayala and Boone Logan to pick up the slack, and should most likely get Kevin Whelan on the next flight to the Bronx.  And if Rafael Soriano could get healthy and effective again, that would be nice too.

There's no such thing as a good bullpen.